On Fire. The Burning Case for a Green, New Deal

This book contains a series of talks and essays by the author and journalist Naomi Klein written during the last decade (including an introduction and an epilogue written especially for this volume). Klein writes passionately about the implications of global warming/climate change in various settings, and criticizes politicians and established firms, particularly in the oil industry, for not changing course (and even organizing campaigns against it) despite knowing very well the disastrous consequences that this might lead to. She is also very concerned about the resource-using and pollutive nature of contemporary capitalism which she sees as driven by the interests of a small, rich minority at the expenses of humankind at large and the natural environment it depends on. However, while her arguments for a change of course are very compelling, there is much less discussion of how a green new deal might look like (and be brought about). Moreover, the book lacks details on sources and references (for the various statements that are made), which readers that wish to go deeper into the matter might have benefitted from.

Naomi Klein: On Fire. The Burning Case for a Green, New Deal, Penguin, 2019, 309 pages