Mission (im)possible? Challenges for innovation policy governance

What is mission-oriented policy, can it be applied to address climate change & the Norwegian context? Presentation at the conference «Missions på norsk – Kunnskapsgrunnlagskonferansen 2020» hosted by Norges Forskningsråd, 25/11 2020.

Addressing economic and environmental challenges: Role of innovation policy

Europe is stuck in a (partly self-inflicted) stagnation and need to transform the economy due to the climate challenge. These challenges are closely related and require a coordinated policy response with innovation policy as a central element. The Schumpeter ‘Innovation in Enterprise’ lecture, hosted by the Estonian Presidency and the European Commission, Kadriorg Art Museum, Tallin, Estonia, 22 November 2017


The Triple Challenge for Europe

Europe is confronted by an intimidating triple challenge – economic stagnation, climate change, and a governance crisis. Interview following a presentation at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, University of Manchester, UK, November 9, 2015.


Innovation and Innovation Policy in the Nordic Countries

Although the term “innovation policy” is relatively new, the practice is arguably much older, as this discussion of the evolution of the national innovation systems and innovation policies in four Nordic countries shows. This video is from a presentation at the Kalevi Sorsa Foundation, Helsinki, 25 april 2014.

Video-one europe

Causes and Consequences of the European Stagnation

Many of the problems that Europe faces today have to do with the fact that Europe consists of countries with quite different dynamics and capacities for adapting to changes in the global (and European) economic environment. As a consequence of this heterogeneity, the “one size fits all” policies that have characterized European economic integration have had quite different effects in different parts of Europe. While some countries benefited a lot, others have not. From a presentation at United Nations University – MERIT, Maastricht, the Netherlands, May 20, 2014

Cournot Conference 2009: "The Changing Global Economic Landscape"

What is the openness that matters?

Openness is not only about trade. Openness to new ideas and to people that are different from yourselves may be equally – if not more – important. Presentation at the conference: ”The New International Division of Labour” at the Cournot Centre for Economic studies in Paris on November 12, 2009.