A Blueprint for Europe’s Just Transition

The Green New Deal for Europe is a campaign for a swift, just, and democratic transition to a sustainable Europe founded in 2019 by the Democracy in Europe Movement (DiEM25), an organization linked to former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. In December 2019 the organization issued a report entitled “A Blueprint for Europe’s Just Transition”, with prefaces by Ann Pettifor and Bill McKibben. While the general perspective is close to that of Pettifor’s book, the focus of the 93 page long report is less analytical, and emphasizes the European context, especially legal, institutional and organizational aspects, much more. Hence it can be read as a political program. The report starts by stating that Europe today is confronted by three overlapping crises; economic, ecological (climate), and (lack of) democracy. Thus, according to the report, it is not sufficient to deal with climate change, it has to be done in a way that promotes welfare and equality and mobilizes grassroots and actors at various levels in bringing this about. The report among other things calls for higher investments in infrastructure needed for the green transition financed through green bonds (“green public works”), and greater local, democratic control of essential utilities, e.g., in the energy area.

The Green New Deal for Europe: A Blueprint for Europe’s Just Transition, 2019