By Jan Fagerberg, Ben Martin and Esben Sloth Andersen (editors)Innovation Studies

Oxford University Press 2013 (available in paperback, hardback and e-book)

This book examines key developments, contributions, concepts and findings in the field of innovation studies and considers challenges for future work in this area. It consists of original contributions by leading contributors to the field, and is written in a clear and accessible manner.

List of contents:

1: Jan Fagerberg, Ben R. Martin and Esben S. Andersen: Innovation Studies: Towards a New Agenda

 Part I: Evolution, Developments, and Key Issues

2: Bengt-Åke Lundvall: Innovation Studies: a Personal Interpretation of the State of the Art

3: Edward Lorenz: Innovation, Work Organization, and Systems of Social Protection

4: Carlota Perez: Innovation Systems and Policy for Development in a Changing World

5: Giovanni Dosi: Innovation, Evolution, and Economics: Where We Are and Where We Should Go

6: Luc Soete: Is Innovation Always Good?

Part II: Challenges for Innovation Studies in the Years Ahead 

7: W. Edward Steinmueller: Innovation Studies at Maturity

8: Ben R. Martin: Innovation Studies: an Emerging Agenda

9: Richard R. Nelson: Reflections on the Study of Innovation and on Those who Study It

10: Mariana Mazzucato: Smart and Inclusive Growth: Rethinking the State s Role and the Risk-Reward Relationship

11: Bengt-Åke Lundvall: An Agenda for Future Research

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